Dr. H. Rudi Susilana, M.Pd.

Name: Dr. Rudi Susilana, M.Si.                

Profession: Lecturer                             

Date of Birth: 19 October 1966                                   

Years with Firm/Entity: 29 years & 10 months                         Nationality: Indonesia  

Membership of Professional Societies: 

  1. Name and Status

Indonesian Educational Technology Study Program Association (APS-TPI) Active member and Chairman of the 2016-2019 and 2019-2021 APS-TPI.

 APS-TPI 2016-2019 dan 2019-2021.

  1. Name and Status

Indonesian Curriculum Developers Association (HIPKIN) Anggota Aktif, Sebagai Pengurus Pus Active Members, As Central Administrators.

Detailed Tasks Assigned: 

  • Leading, developing and running an organization, in detail as follows.
  • Representing the organization
  • Describe the decisions and resolutions of the General Meeting of Members (RUA).
  • Carry out the resolutions of the General Meeting of Members (RUA).
  • Develop activity plans and budget plans.
  • Implement activities and budget.
  • Report various activities and budgets that have been used

Key Qualifications: Curriculum Development and Educational Technology.